A hot afternoon at the office

“We are the last,” said Annemaríe as I passed her office. Was it that late? I had been busy and didn’t realize it was already six o’clock. Apparently she also had something to finish, she was still typing. Her fingers raced over the keys. So, done! It can be sent… ”, she said half to herself and half to me. I stepped inside. She smiled at me. Her face looked hot. It was a hot day. She had unbuttoned her dress to get some relief. It had helped little. She was on the fat side, that didn’t help either. “Now my mail is finished but I cannot click on send because my mouse has stopped … Can you bring it back to life?” she asked earnestly, clearly unsatisfied that she couldn’t finish her last job of the day. I looked under her desk with an oblique eye and saw the mouse’s cord lying loosely on the floor, she had accidentally kicked it out. I’ll have a look I said and got down on my knees. I couldn’t resist glancing between her thighs. What a wonderful full soft legs. I couldn’t see as far as I wanted, her legs touching. I put the plug in her computer. “Try it?” I heard her swipe with the mouse. “Yes, it does it again!” She immediately clicked on send and sat back in her chair with satisfaction. Her legs relaxed and moved slightly apart. She sighed deeply and happily. I saw her belly go up and down. “Thank you!” she said. I remained seated, mesmerized by the wonderful view. A little further apart and maybe I could see underpants. “Are you going to do a thorough investigation right away?” asked Annemarie. “Yes, I immediately check whether I see anything special.” I replied. “You are right, you never know what else you think”. Did she notice me? She turned back and forth in her chair and hummed a song. Her thighs just came apart. Did I see that correctly?… She was not wearing any slip! “Did you find anything yet?” she asked playfully curious. “I see your pussy” I blurted out. It was silent for a moment. Was she shocked? “Oh dear …” came out then. She didn’t close her legs, nor did I make any move to get out from under her desk. “Awkward!” she continued. “What has been seen can’t be unseen”. And so it was. “That’s true,” I said. “At the most it can be subjected to a closer inspection.” I felt a little cheeky, I challenged her and maybe she didn’t like that. It was embarrassing that I looked into her pussy and confronted her. I felt tension, partly out of discomfort and afraid of her reaction, partly out of excitement. Because she made me very horny. How would she react? She said nothing, sat silent. Then took an audible deep breath and slowly moved her legs further apart. “You should do that,” she said softly and a little sternly. God damn this was horny. I couldn’t take my luck. I had to touch now. She had big lips that were already slightly moist and slightly open. She shaved but some hairs were already growing back. Her pussy looked delicious. I slid my cheeks between her sweaty thighs and dragged my nose through her slippery slit. She was startled and laughed nervously. “That’s an energetic inspection,” she said gaspily. I sucked in her clit and quickly went over it with the tip of my tongue. That had an effect, she shivered and breathed briefly and firmly. What a lovely horny woman. I grunted and pulled her to my face. Sniffed again and paused. “You wet me,” she said softly. And not a word was lied to. “Come out from under the desk, or I’ll finish.” Was she fed up? Was she sorry? I crawled back and got up. I looked at her. She looked very horny, as if she was just processing the bef action just now. She looked at me drowsy and a little helpless. Did I have to say something? “Get undressed,” said Annemarie. I did it as soon as possible. My cock was erect and the precum was in my foreskin. She looked at me ferociously, got up and dropped to her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock with two hands, pulled my skin over it a few times and put it in the back of her throat. She made a boiling noise. When she pulled her head back, a mixture of saliva and horny dripped down my cock and she needed to catch her breath. She looked up at me. “I’m horny,” she stammered, as if there were any doubts about that. “You are delicious,” I said. “You drive me crazy” She was still wearing her dress. “I want you naked,” I said eagerly. “Are you sure?” She seemed a little embarrassed by her full body. “Yes, I’m sure, I want to enjoy your full naked glory.” That seemed to give her some confidence. She pulled her dress over her head and took off her bra. She kept looking at me seriously. I almost passed out from what I saw, those lovely folds and those breasts, heavenly! “I