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I have known Reina for years, although a little younger, she is my mother’s best friend. Reina was divorced at a young age and had never found true love happiness again. She was now an attractive lady of 60+ but quite heavy. I knew she had a few short-lived relationships, but thought she was happy as a single. This is partly because she never talked so well about the guys and that she no longer had to be around her, as she always said. Every now and then I sometimes helped her with matters that related to technology. At one point she emailed me that she was going on vacation for a short time and if I wanted to check her laptop during this period. It did not start up anymore and had done strange before. It was quite a job for me but after some tinkering I got it started again. I immediately decided to clean up the hard disk because I thought the problem there. I had it all scanned and when the program asked if the superfluous files found could be erased, I thought it wise to check them out first. So that I wouldn’t erase important things in this tidy up. A lot of it could indeed disappear until my eyes fell on a few photo files. Wondering if I would look or just wipe. My curiosity won over the cleanup rage. I really did not believe what I saw then. Asexual Reina, who was asexual to me, emailed several men and sent them unashamedly horny emails with photos reminiscent of porn. I quickly saved the photos to my own PC and left them there. In the meantime, Reina had e-mailed about the status of her laptop, so to save time I emailed back that I still needed some time. I wanted to exploit this but how? I decided to email her to ask what to do with the unnecessary files, because I immediately cleaned up her disk. I insisted that she check them out first and she snapped. When she came by I took her to my office and first showed her the innocent things. Then some neat pictures and then the explicit ones. She was visibly shocked and asked me not to say anything to my mother. It went according to plan, I took my chance. So I told her it was the reason. That it’s not fair for strange men to see her like this and I don’t. She said she understood and I just had to tell my wishes. Then it turned out I was not cooked but Reina! This was how she thought of it. She was completely naked under her African dress that she lifted. Her fat cat was almost completely bald with only a small shelter of shaved hair. Her labia majora glistened in the artificial light. As she took off her dress I saw the largest breasts I had ever seen in real life. We walked to another room to my bed where she lay on her back and I pumped my member between her breasts until my pocket spouted with a huge jet over her breasts, neck and face. Since then we regularly have sex of this kind, unfortunately I am not allowed in her mature fat cat as the son of her best friend, she does not like that. Someday I will succeed!