Tantric Massage

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Tantric Massage Chelsea

 Tantric Massage Therapy in Chelsea London

The term “Tantra” originates from Sanskrit and consists in relaxation techniques. The term means link, connection, that designates the physical and spiritual link between two partners and the amortization of the couple with the universe.

Tantric massage is a technique developed in India, borrowed from the western societies  for its therapeutic benefits.

Tantra techniques are practiced in India for thousands of years, but the documents written in Sanskrit are pretty difficult to translate. Known as “sacred sex”, because this form of sexuality is known like a form of touching divinity, tantric techniques role is to extend the sexual act in order to intensify the sensations in climax point.

Naturist Tantric Massage Therapy

In an tantric massage Chelsea, pleasure is achieved in different ways if the therapist knows how to apply the appropriate massage techniques and locates erogenous areas. That is why body to body contact with no obstacles for skin touch is a very important factor to consider.
Our naturist tantric massage is based on this our therapist totally naked sliding down your body also totally naked, allowing sensual dance by the therapist to carry you away. Body nudity is attractive, stimulates our sight and the other senses. For this reason, we have included nudity where our therapists will demonstrate their skills.
Unlike partial nudity, this is a state of total nudity, without clothes or any kind of cover in the most intimate parts of the body. Through the naked body, our therapists will transform the tantric massage session into an authentic show of sensuality, into a beautiful dance of the body. They have amazing pleasure creativity and skills to mover their body that turns this tantric massage therapy into an unforgettable experience.
Thanks to this new idea of including holistic nudity in our massages, it is possible for you to increase the pleasures of sight, touch. An experience that will allow the receiver to expand limits of pleasure and strengthen virtues in eroticism.