Nuru Massage London


Nuru massage is an erotic massage technique that come from eastern culture. The word “nuru” comes from Japanese and means “smooth”. This technique is also known as “Body Slide Massage”.

In order to perform Nuru massage correctly, you need some special oils, which its role is to amplify pleasure. This special oil, derived from seaweed leaves,  is applied to entire surface of the body. The two participants are performing naked and they must try to achieve the widest possible physical contact.

Beside its erotic side, Nuru massage has a great impact over health state. It has been proven that partners transfer energy trough physical contact in order to relieve stress and anxiety. This massage technique is helpful for those who confront confidence problem because of its therapeutic effects. The benefits of the Nuru massage are many, can improve the circulatory system, can induce deep relaxation.

This kind of massage is practiced nowadays in all over the world and the major cities has at least one centre were Nuru massage is performed. In this technique, the masseuse use her whole body in order to massage the client’s body and usually, it finishes with a form of sexual activity.