Relax your body


Relaxation is a state when the entire body is in equilibrium. Relaxation means a release of tension, when the human body removes negative energy and stress accumulated over the day.

The linkage between love and relaxation is a very close one. The interdependence of these two concepts, is related to the fact that the human body balance, can be achieved when a person is satisfied with his life and his personality. If a person, does not believe in love, cannot achieve body-mind balance.

A human that lives without affection and without social relationships, can’t achieve relaxation, because his mind is too busy to think of relaxation. So, the first condition that must be accomplished, is to have a developed social life and to know that love exists.

The second condition is to own body balance, that can be achieved through a good diet, based on natural food. These are the prime conditions that can help you in achieving relaxation.

The main techniques that can induce relaxation, are through sport, massage or breathing exercises.

In my opinion, massage is the best way in achieving relaxation. There are some types of massage, that covers both love and relaxation in a single pattern, which can have enormous benefits for the body and soul balance. Those type of massage, may influence the overall health of a person in a good way. It is known that stimulating human body through massage, may lead to a deep relaxation state, when human brain increases capacities and all the five senses work together.

Most of those massage techniques come from eastern societies, where the emphasis is on the soul equilibrium. So, like I  said, those techniques follow oriental principles in order to achieve full relaxation. These techniques are called: Nuru Massage, Tantric Massage, Erotic Massage, Body to Body massage and Sensual Massage.

I hope that this article help you in order to achieve relaxation, to enjoy the effects of relaxation and body-spirit balance.